Operators: Perform better with your work tool by eliminating paperwork and Excels

The new visualization techniques and user interface will make your work easier, leaving a place where you can save instructions, leave comments on incidents and graphically see the steps to follow



Our work methodology with operators



Data acquisition ranges from current solutions in the industry, those coming from automata (PLC), dataloggers for telemanagement systems or data acquisition systems (SAD), to the new options in sensors and communications that the IoT brings us. .



Depending on the needs, data storage could be local in the company’s facilities or using the new Cloud options for large amounts of information.



The integration of the different sources will allow us to draw conclusions from the data, achieving a complete vision and ending information silos.



The generated data obtains value when we have unified and contextualized it. Even more so when we relate them to each other directly (ratios) or through data mining techniques that allow us to discover associations and correlations.



The visualization is based on our experience in SCADA supervision systems that allow us to see the status of the facilities in real time, as well as the alarm and historical log.

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Sector industrial y del ciclo integral del agua

We help operators in the industrial sector

We work for companies in the industrial sector, helping them in their work to make it easier and more productive thanks to the digitization and integration of all sources of information.


  • Indication of states or alarms
  • Visualization of OF data, eliminating paperwork
  • Quickly find instructions or pdf documents

Products we develop for operators

Informática Industrial - DATEANDO

Industrial Computing

Visual instructions to your work. message management

Hardware industriaI y IoT - DATEANDO

Hardware industriaI & IoT

Integration with barcode readers, printers…

Digitalización y Supervisión de procesos industriales - DATEANDO

Digitization and Supervision of industrial processes

Visualization of the line and its incidents to help you in your work